The Reefs Challenges Mr. Stephen Colbert

Dear Mr. Colbert,

Bermuda is excited to welcome you back with our famous hospitality. Sailing 777 miles across the Atlantic is a true test of manhood.

We applaud your bravery for participating in the 2011 Charleston Bermuda race, especially after the harrowing journey on your first sailing expedition in 2005. But at least you finished the race (eventually).

This year, you seem more confident and prepared with your “Team Audi” technology. Since we know you love a challenge, we want to challenge you, Mr. Colbert, the “greatest sailor in the world.”

Come in first place and we’ll throw a celebration party for you and your crew at Coconuts, our beachfront restaurant with plenty of ice-cold Dark ‘n Stormy drinks and the freshest seafood! We will even wave an American flag to ensure you feel right at home.

We know first place is quite a feat! So, if you at least beat your place and time from 2005, we’ll give you a complimentary 5-night stay in our elegant 2-bedroom Club Suites*. Use it for yourself or give it to a member of the Colbert Nation.

Best of luck to you in your journey this May!

All the best,

David Dodwell
Owner, The Reefs

PS – When you’re out experiencing the best of Bermuda with David LaHuta, stop by and join me for a Rum Swizzle. And if you need a proper place to relax, I invite you to stay at The Reefs. Our endless ocean views will remind you of being at sea, but with much better accommodations, dining and service!

*Subject to availability

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