New Bathrooms, Low Club Condo Rates

We are pleased to announce that we will begin the first phase of bathroom renovations this winter. This project will include several Cliffside rooms and is expected to be completed by early spring.

Renovation details

Here is what you can expect to find in our renovated Cliffside rooms.
  • Larger, more open bathrooms – The wall between the vanity and bathroom will be knocked down to make for one large room.
  • Upscale vanity area – A new dark, hard-wood vanity will be installed across from the closet doors, which will still have floor-to-ceiling mirrors.
  • Walk-in rain showers – Bathtubs will be replaced with large, walk-in rain showers. A neutral stone tile, similar to the Club Condo bathrooms, will be used throughout.
  • Attention to detail – A mosaic tile accent wall will nicely compliment new countertops and bathroom fixtures.

Changes to winter travel

To allow for these renovations to take place with as minimal disruption to guests as possible, the hotel accommodations and restaurants will be closed from January 3 to March 15. This brief closure will also allow us to make some improvements to our main kitchen that serves Ocean Echo and Royston's.

Club Condo availability

If you want to escape to The Reefs from what is starting to look like a long and cold winter, the Club Condos and La Serena Spa will still be open and are a quick getaway. In fact, this winter 2 guests can stay in a 2-bedroom luxury Club Condo for just $299 a night or 4 guests can stay for just $399 a night. Or, 6 guests can stay in a 3-bedroom Club Condo with 2,500 square feet of living space for $499 a night.

The Club concierge will be here all winter long to ensure you have a relaxing stay and can even handle your pre-arrival grocery shopping.

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